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Panther Marching Band

The mission of the Derby Panther Band is to foster a love and appreciation for music of all types in students. The band provides an opportunity for students to express individuality within a safe, unified, family environment. As musicians we strive for excellence: working hard to achieve our full potential, maintaining self discipline, and communicating with each other effectively. We are committed to the betterment of the group and will make individual sacrifices, as necessary, to achieve excellence. 

Traditions and Expectations:

We Show Up - Every Day

We Are On Time - Every Day

We Are Prepared to Work                                                                                                                               
positive attitude, all materials, all the time

We Take Care of Each Other

We Take Care of Our Facilities and Equipment

We Treat Each Other With Respect

We Are Supportive of Other Programs

We Expect Excellence                                                                                                                                 
from ourselves, our peers, our staff, our school, and our community

Contact Information

For specfic questions or more information, please contact Adam Devault at