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Graduation Requirements

Total Credits Required: Twenty-Five (25) Units of Credit

4 Credits in Language Art
(1 credit of English 9, 10, 11 and 12)

3 Credits in Social Studies, to include:
(1 credit US History or AP-US History, 1/2 credit US Government, 1 credit World History or AP European History and 1/2 credit Social Studies Elective)

3 Credits Mathematics
(1 credit must be Algebra 1/equivalent or higher)

3 Credits in Laboratory Science
(1 credit Biology and 2 credits any other science course)

1 Credits in Physical Education, to include:
(1/2 credit P.E. activity and 1 credit Health Science 1 - Formerly P.E. Concepts)

1 Credit Fine Arts
(All Art classes, Acting 1-3, Repertory Theatre, Theatre Appreciation, Theatre Technology, Forensics 1-4, Digital/Classic/Advanced Photography and Photo Imaging, Intro to Airbrush, Advanced Airbrush 1-7, Industrial Graphics, Graphic Design, All Music courses.)

9.5 Elective Credits
(Elective credits are defined as any class selected in addition to the above required courses.)

**Please Note**

Starting with the Class of 2028, new graduation requirements will be in effect. Please see below to review the upcoming graduation requirements and information about postsecondary assets for the Class of 2028 and beyond.

Class of 2028 and Beyond Graduation Requirements:

Communications (4 Credits)
• 3.5 - ELA (reading, writing, literature, technical)
• 0.5 - Communications (speech, debate, forensics, journalism, public speaking)

Society and Humanities (4 Credits)
• 3 Credits in Social Studies, to include:
• 1 credit World History or AP European History
• 1 credit US History
• 0.5 credit U.S. Government
• 0.5 credit Social Studies elective
• 1 Credit in Fine Arts

STEM (7 Credits)
• 3 Credits Math: 1 credit must be Algebra 1/equivalent or higher, 2 credits any other math course(s)
• 3 Credits in Laboratory Science: 1 credit Biology, 2 credits any other science course(s)
• 1 STEM elective (computer science, advanced math, advanced science, robotics, advanced (application level) CTE, advanced technology, agriculture, etc.)

Employability & Life Skills (6 Credits)
• 0.5 - Physical Education (any P.E. activity class)
• 0.5 - Health (Intro to Healthcare)
• 0.5 - Financial Literacy
• 4.5 - IPS choices (emphasis on CTE/Pathway courses)

Elective Credits (4 Additional Credits)
• Elective credits are defined as any class selected in addition to the above required courses.

• Required unless student’s family or school opts student out of taking the FASFA

Postsecondary Assets
Students will complete two or more postsecondary assets approved by the Kansas State Board of Education and aligned with their Individual Plan of Study. A list of approved assets will be kept by Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) staff and updated annually. Examples of postsecondary assets include (but are not limited to):

  • Career and Real-World:
    • Youth apprenticeships 
    • Eagle/Gold Scout
    • 4-H Kansas Key Award
    • Two or more high school athletics/activities 
    • 40 or more community service hours
  • Academic: 
    • ACT Composite (Score of 21 or higher)
    • 9 (or more) College Credit Hours
    • SAT Score (1060 or higher)
    • Senior Project/Senior Exit Interviews
    • State assessment score of 3 or 4 in math, ELA and science (demonstrating college readiness) 
    • WorkKeys Level (Silver or higher)